The Universe Called And I’m Listening With Gratitude

The Universe Called And I'm Listening With Gratitude


Physical, mental and emotional exhaustion showed up last week completely unannounced. Swept me up for days.

Flu. Scary complications. Not knowing.

“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.” –Pema Chodron

Yes, I needed a reminder of what matters most, of where I need to be now. I’ve put wellth on hold for too long, got too wrapped up in the busyness of life and its many dimensions. And so the universe whacked me over the head. Hard.

Projects, stress, work, family, goals, more stress. Modern life…

I needed a break, a reminder of what the big picture looks like, a place to pause, reflect, be patient. Check in with myself.


My focus shifted to gratitude. For the life I have now. However messy. I’m here!

Daily Drawing Practice: Inktober Challenge

Daily Drawing Practice: Inktober ChallengePerhaps this wasn’t the best time to start a new challenge. I was in a middle of re-branding/restructuring my business and was already short on mental capacity to take ANYTHING on, let alone a daily practice that would take a chunk of time from my already busy schedule.

There was self-doubt and some resistance but, in the end, I followed the desire and stepped right in.

After all, last year I’ve promised myself to make art daily and the accountability factor was enticing (I needed it badly as I was slacking with my on and off practice for months now).

But even more importantly, I remembered that my goal this year was to balance hard work with pleasure and self-care…and making art is both pleasure and meditation for me. I knew I had to stop making excuses and just walk the walk.


After 31 days, and as many drawings, I’m glad I took part. Yes, it was challenging, to both find the time and inspiration on the spot.

But perhaps that’s the point – the discovery that we can, no matter what, come up with something, anything, to propel us forward, while gaining a sense of purpose, direction, and fulfillment.

Bonus win: 40 new followers gained on Instagram!

The amazing thing is that just one month later I have all these pages filled with ink, and love. Just by showing up every day, with or without the muse, and surrendering to the process of making, I’ve added to my portfolio, strengthen my skill, and restarted my creative practice that was going stale.

Let yourself be silently drawn by the  strange pull of what you really love, it will not lead you astray. ~Rumi

#Inktober 2015

Daily Drawing Practice: Inktober Challenge
Daily Drawing Practice: Inktober Challenge
Daily Drawing Practice: Inktober Challenge
Daily Drawing Practice: Inktober Challenge

Letter To My 5th Grader

You make me proud to be your mom every day and I love the person you are becoming. You have unique talents and strengths and watching you learn and grow has been an amazing experience. You are smart, competent, courageous, and kind. You tackle problems head on, work hard passionately, and are so much fun to be with!

I love the quote you selected to share with me at the conference last week:

“Your mind is a garden,
Your thoughts are the seeds,
You can grow flowers or
You can grow weeds.”

I’ve come across this passage before in my own reading but when you read it to me I realized that tending to our own garden/mind is truly hard work.

Letter to My 5th GraderWe are responsible for our own thoughts, words, and actions. Positive or negative, it’s up to us what we cultivate: do we grow flowers of joy, kindness, confidence, love, or do we grow weeds of doubt, worry, being afraid to do something. Each of us is responsible for our own gardens. Likewise, each of us is responsible for our own learning and our success.

You have taken great responsibility for your own growth and learning ever since you were little. You’ve been challenging yourself constantly, whether by doing difficult flip combinations on a trampoline, getting on stage to do magic tricks in front of the entire school, or taking part in the taekwondo tournament. Your thirst for knowledge and discovery is what drives your growth, and you’ve grown so much over the years. I couldn’t be more proud of you!

Just two months into this school year and you’ve done ton of work already, some of which you shared with me last week, as you do throughout the year. Keep up the good work, and remember, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The process of learning is exactly that, a process, and it’s a lifelong journey too.

So buckle up, keep on learning, and don’t forget to have fun along the way!

Love, Mom

Cultivating Creativity

Cultivating Creativity

Life without creativity can be quite uninspiring. Whenever I find myself too busy, rigid, or overwhelmed with daily stresses, and forget to play and engage the creative side of me, I feel depressed and unmotivated. Creativity for me seems to be the spice of life.

Of course, there are times when I have to push through, meet deadlines, or focus on family for a while. Soon enough though, unless I get back to making art, crafting, and designing, I become miserable & stagnant.

Research tells us that creativity is an integral part of long-term happiness. It opens us up, it lifts us from the drudgery of every day routine. It challenges us to see things in a new way, to see possibilities, and grow.  It inspires and fills us with joy!

So how can you cultivate creativity in your life? Through daily practice, of course. You simply have to make it a part of your lifestyle. You need to create rituals that will create that fertile soil for your next discovery. You have to stay curious and hungry.

“Life is a practice. You are what you do each day.” ~Bryant McGill,

I cultivate creativity though a daily drawing practice, Skillshare classes, walks with my dog, and daily meditation which clears my overthinking mind. I scrapbook when I have free time, or watch documentaries on Netflix. I write in my journal and online, read every day, or listen to podcasts and audiobooks. I look for inspiration and beauty around me, paying attention to my senses noticing sounds, colors, how the wind feels on my skin, how nature collages life perfectly – this gets me out of my head and connects me with my intuitive side. And I play with my kids a lot – laughter and having fun is great for the creative right brain.

Cultivating creativity means working the rituals – start each day with the intention, then create easy and enjoyable habits you can incorporate into your daily routine!

Daily Drawing Practice: Spring 2015 Round Up

I’ve been practicing drawing daily for over a year now, though not super consistently as of late. It’s been an on-again-off-again kind of a love affair so far this year.

Going with flow of life and not stressing about checking everything off my daily list has been a priority and that means that sometimes drawing is just the last thing on my mind. Family and paid work come first and Febuary-April was just crazy in both areas. Client work and what seemed like endless rounds of flu and strep throat meant no time for frolicking. Needless to say, the daily drawing practice took a backseat in those first few months of 2015. But it wasn’t all work and no play either, and I have a collection of ink pen drawings to share with you today.

Daily Drawing Practice: Spring 2015 Round Up

Here’s a quick view of what I’ve been up to in Feb-May.

Daily Drawing Practice: Spring 2015 Round Up
Daily Drawing Practice: Spring 2015 Round Up Daily Drawing Practice: Spring 2015 Round Up
Daily Drawing Practice: Spring 2015 Round Up Daily Drawing Practice: Spring 2015 Round Up
Daily Drawing Practice: Spring 2015 Round Up Daily Drawing Practice: Spring 2015 Round Up
Daily Drawing Practice: Spring 2015 Round Up Daily Drawing Practice: Spring 2015 Round Up
Daily Drawing Practice: Spring 2015 Round Up Daily Drawing Practice: Spring 2015 Round Up
Daily Drawing Practice: Spring 2015 Round Up

Do you keep a drawing book, sketchbook or an art journal?

Please share a link to your art – I’m curious about your adventures in art and creativity.

Happiness Comes When You Free Yourself From Shame

Happiness comes when you free yourself from shame

Shame is a bitch and for the longest time I refused to admit I had plenty of it withing. I covered it up with arrogance, achievement and perfectionism. I kept circling around it, not willing to step in and deal with it. I guess I didn’t know how.

Turns out I could dismantle shame by looking at myself as not a victim but a survivor, by owning my story and bringing it to light, by giving it the attention it craved and needed in order to finally allow me to let go.

As I walked through the swamplands of my soul with self-compassion and self-acceptance, I saw shame for what it was – a bunch of stories created many years ago by many different people, stories I accepted and carried around, stories that had little to do with the real me.

Shame was nothing but a load of paralyzing garbage I identified with for decades!

No more.

Happiness comes when you free yourself from shame (tweet this)

Happiness has always been there, waiting for me to release all the shame and blame, accept the loss, forgive, and realize we are all doing the best we can!