A Quick Lesson In Letting Go

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Last weekend we traveled to the beautiful Golden Gate State Park in Colorado, for a quick weekend camping trip. We love those mini escapes into the wild, and have planned many of them throughout the summer months.

The car ride started off as usual, a combination of relaxed conversation and are-we-there-yet whining. Of course, just to challenge the status quo, we made a wrong turn. But we figured it out, and no one even died.

I snapped few pictures (this is when I still remembered I had the camera) – we haven’t been around these parts since last year and I was more than excited for this trip.

“We’re so lucky”, I thought, considering how I love Colorado and even after living here for over 10 years I still can’t get enough of its beauty.

One hour later, and after what I called “a roller coaster road” (shortcuts are fun!), we arrived happily and the kids didn’t even hate the campsite.

It was a good trip.

I was enjoying myself, my all-boy team, the nature.

Few days later, as we were leaving, I finally remembered that I had a camera, and I thought, “what the hell; it’s not or never”. So I had the kiddos climb on top of our already packed up camper, and they posed for me, dirty faces and all.

And that was all the photos I needed.

Turns out I can let go of the need to capture every beautiful moment on camera and simply enjoy experiencing each one of them instead. No countless photos necessary.