Are We Becoming Hyper-Connected Robots?

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justbeI recently read an article about Pinterest and how it can be used to grow a brand/business/online social status. I am a member although not an active one really. Shortly after I signed up, I recognized that it can be addictive and lead to many unproductive hours spent looking at pretty pictures. *Gasp*

But that’s just me. Apparently, Pinterest is growing in popularity. Everyone is raving about it and everyone wants more of it.

But I digress.

In the article there were numerous tips on how to use Pinterest properly and effectively. Most ideas were pretty basic and made logical sense (connect it to Facebook, repin a lot, etc.). One point made me twitchy though: pin during downtime. On a surface it makes sense to pin whenever you have a spare moment.

But downtime is there for a reason. We all need it to rest our brains. We need to unplug, disconnect and get away from all digital once a while.

We need those minutes in a day when we do absolutely nothing, when we clear our heads and just breathe. Those moments give us more energy, refresh our minds and keep us going. Without those little break we become exhausted and wound up, we become robots who constantly have a need to press buttons to feel alive and connected.

In this race for popularity, money and status we risk becoming nothing but hopeless machines chasing the latest trends and hottest social networks. Rather than doing one thing right, we’re spreading ourselves thin by being everywhere and doing everything. Our time is being highjacked by endless choices, by access to ever-changing and ever-growing technology, by being able to connect from everywhere anytime, always being on the grid and available.

How much more are we expected to do: tweet, like, blog, pin, stumble, tag, follow, comment, update, reply, click, click, click?


I read a lot about 2012 being the year we realize we are too connected, the year when we become truly overwhelmed with information overload. Some predict this will be a year when many decide to get “off the grid” more. This has already began last year and I blogged about my need for digital change as well.


I applaud all those who use their downtime to grow their following on Pinterest, market their blog any chance they get and are on Twitter 24/7. I wish I had such powers.

But I need balance. I need as much offline as online time in my life. I need my downtime to connect with reality and catch a breath as I parent, work  and handle everything else life throws at me.

And I’m doing my best to not become a robot.


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