Creative, Original, Artistic: “Chandelier” By Sia

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Once again, brilliant and as original as ever, Sia produced a masterpiece in the world of music. Her latest work, “Chandelier”, which came out earlier this month, is a truly stunning performance, both visually and vocally.

Beautifully choreographed & directed, not to mention performed, “Chandelier” is a true gem in the world of performing art. Original, creative and artistic, it tells a heartbreaking story of a dysfunctional home, substance abuse, and personal transformation, in a both raw and beautiful way. It’s stunning work, rarely ever seen in pop culture today.

Sia proved yet again she’s not just a brilliant musician, but a full blown creative genius (she wrote & performed the song, plus co-directed the video). She produced a true piece of art, crafting a haunting human story into a beautiful performance. Her originality is captivating, and magnetic.

Prepare to be blown away.