Daily Drawing Practice: January Round Up

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Drawing has become a spiritual practice for me. I draw to calm the mind, create a nurturing daily ritual and re-discover the world around & within me. Whether I have 5 minutes or an hour, I put my to-do list aside and head to the loft – my art studio, my sanctuary – to draw, slow down, recharge.

I usually don’t plan much ahead, I just grab the ink pen & pad and with that single mark get started on a new adventure. It is my meditation, part of my WELLth resolution, the time when I get out of my head and enjoy the present moment of spontaneous and mindful creation with my own hands.

Daily Drawing Practice: January Round Up

Here’s a quick view of what I’ve been up to in January

Do you keep a drawing book, sketchbook or an art journal?

Please share a link to your art – I’m curious about your adventures in art and creativity.

2 Responses

  1. Kerstin Auer

    Seeing your art pop up in my newsfeed always makes my day!
    I wish I could draw, but it’s definitely pre-school level over here 😉

  2. Joanna Ciolek

    Thank you, Kerstin. This is child’s play here too, but we don’t all have to be Picassos to be happy, right?