Fall, Photography and Change

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Fall, Photography and Change


I love fall. Fall means the world dresses up in all the warm colors I love so much. Orange, red and yellow weave themselves into our lives and make things beautiful. It really feels as though the warm fall colors are there to give us enough energy to last through the cold winter months. Fall is by far my favorite season.


I’ve been going through a process of re-discovering photography. Like with many things I’ve been passionate about, photography has taken a back seat when my first kid was born.

Sure, I take photos of my kids all the time and I’ve got many albums to prove it. But I’m not talking about just taking photos. I’m talking about the passion that comes with it.

Over the last few years photography has become somewhat mechanical for me. It comes with territory when you’re a parent of young children. The whole world revolves around your kids, you try to journal their lives yet they are always on the move, you have to be quick to get that shot, you’re always busy. There is never much room for thinking about the composition or taking another shot from a different angle or just seeing an object for what it could be. Boom, snap, let’s go.

Well, time for change has come.

I want to re-discover what it feels like to take different photos, be inspired to capture something beautiful or trivial, artistic or simple. I want to enjoy the process, not just the outcome.

And what better season to enjoy photography than fall. Vibrant colors, great light, crisp air. Perfect.


I’ve been talking about change a lot lately. Now that kids are older and life is easier (theoretically), I’ve been taking baby steps to reclaim my self, to concentrate on me for a change. I’ve been allowing myself to be a little selfish.

I’ve been working out regularly to feel more energized and improve my self-esteem. I’ve been gardening which connects me with nature, clears my head and offers much needed quiet time where I don’t actually think about anything. I’ve started bringing the art of photography back into my life. Photography is my artistic outlet where I get to look at the everyday world through a lens and see something magical.

As seasons change so do people. We grow, we evolve, we take new roads.

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