Finding Grace in Every Day #16

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Finding Grace in Every Day - Joanna Ciolek

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I’ve been reflecting on my gratitude challenge and how it facilitated a positive change in me. It’s been three years in the making.

The one thing I’m grateful for the most was making that first step, saying “enough”, taking ownership of my own feelings, actions, and emotions. That commitment to making a change has ignited my personal transformation that I’m still working through.

Finding Grace in Every Day #16

Today I am thankful for:

  • mornings spent doodling and painting in my art studio – it’s now my favorite place to be
  • cozy bed blankets I can bury myself under on these cold nights lately
  • sharing delicious grapes from the garden with neighbors & friends before the first frost hit us last week
  • buying new art supplies, which make up half of my Amazon wish list (obviously)
  • Sia’s new album – she’s talented & authentic, and the lyrics are like a healing balm for my soul
  • playing ping-pong for the first time in 20 years and still kicking ass
  • my memory foam pillow – one of the best things I got myself this year
  • Jack cooking his signature dish on Sundays
  • My brother & sister in law buying their first house!!!

What are you thankful for?