Finding Grace in Every Day #18

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Finding Grace in Every Day #18

A friendly mamma from across the street came over the other day with her two daughters, three and one years old. I savored their stay for many reasons, but most of my attention was on the stark difference in how her kids were tiny when compared to my boys who are now all school aged. And, of course, I thought of the many years that passed since they came into my life. Grateful. Bittersweet.

Then, they all kicked off their shoes to jump on the trampoline, undoubtedly the biggest attraction in our backyard. I noticed the older girl’s shoes were identical to my middle child’s – except for the size. I took the above photo, a testament to how much they’ve grown and I’ve grown with them. It’s amazing, isn’t it? We try to hold on, to keep them small just a bit longer so we can enjoy their innocence, their unconditional love and limitless energy. But grow they must. And we must learn to let go. Grateful. Bittersweet.

Finding Grace in Every Day #17

Today I am thankful for: Today I am thankful for:

    • 20+ warriors who took on the challenge of healing and transformation through mindful journaling. I’m grateful you went on this journey with me.
    • Yoga, for giving me the space and the strength to heal and grow – thank you Vincent.
    • Making my first two Thanksgiving sales this month – thank you fans, you made my day.
    • Getting shitload of work done in the last two months. Things moving forward. Finally coming into alignment.
    • Celebrating 5 year anniversary of working with one of my biggest clients to date.
    • Friday afternoon naps!
    • Homemade chicken soup – nourishing, healing, just what my soul needs sometimes.
    • Making beef tacos with kiddos on Tuesdays, a little family tradition we’ve come to love and look forward to.
    • New pajama bottoms, just in time for those long winter movie nights.

What are you thankful for?