Finding Grace in Every Day #2

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Finding Grace in Every Day #2

Last month I’ve started a new theme here – Finding Grace in Every Day. I explained how it all began but in essence it is about concentrating on the little things that bring me joy, the tiny moments that make my heart happy and my soul smile.

Given how fast we live our lives these day, I think it’s important to slow down and appreciate the small things that we typically take for granted.

I always was mindful about being present and living in the moment but now I want to get into a habit of writing down some of those everyday moments that are simple and seemingly unimportant yet truly special.

Finding Grace in Every Day

Today I am thankful for:

  • Sitting on a porch in a slight drizzle, sipping tea and listening to crickets. Magical.
  • Making a peach cobbler for my husband (his favorite) to make him feel better when he’s sick.
  • Great neighbors of almost 8 years. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve borrowed sugar from each other, sipped mango margaritas on the back porch together and swapped home cooked meals. I hope they remain in our lives forever.
  • Orange leaves covering the lawns everywhere. They make the world beautiful.
  • Hanging out with good friends long after the party has ended.
  • Cuddling with my kid just because we feel like it.
  • Those rare moments when the house is quiet and I’m alone.
  • Watching my kids grow, with every passing milestone, holiday and season.
  • My daily morning walks around town pushing double stroller, sipping coffee and baking in the warm morning sunlight. No matter the kids’ behavior, I cherish those walks.
  • Every day, good or bad. Because every day is a gift.

What are you thankful for?

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  1. Mary Ann

    Thank you for sharing your reflections as well as your thoughts. It is refreshing to believe I am not alone with daily struggles…I love life, don’t care for rude, selfless, judgments from no one else other than myself on my behalf. For some reason, though it my be true at times, (no way to tell for sure) , feel better about my own judgements, or worse so it may be.
    Anyway, just you to know that I truly enjoy your blog. I stumble e across this, searching for Ninja party ideas for my 7 yo grandson!

    Keep on living at your best,
    Mary Ann

  2. Mary Ann

    Apologies for all the typo-s on the past comment. These iPads have a brain of their own, and I do forget to triple check the words at times, but I’m sure the jest of it is expressed well enough. Lol! Good luck.

    A new friend~
    Mary Ann from PA

  3. No problem. As to your point, we all struggle – life isn’t usually easy if you care enough. However, only some are willing to publicly admit it, let alone expose their faults, mistakes and fears. It’s not all that flattering after all. But life has its ups and downs for a reason: flat is just too boring.