Finding Grace in Every Day #4

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Finding Grace in Every Day #4

Over the years I’ve been thankful for the small and sometimes silly things like a great movie night, being able to fit into my decade-old jeans, a good laugh with friends, feeling my kid’s warm body as we fall asleep, a husband who prefers family road trips over football on Sunday.

I’ve also been thankful for important things: health, my babies, career, our comfortable suburban life.

To reinforce the concept of being thankful, I’ve started the “Finding Grace in Every Day” experiment on this blog and I really like reminding myself, as if on paper, about those however tiny and seemingly unimportant moments in my life that make my heart leap with joy, give me strength or bring me peace.

I’m doing this because I want to appreciate what I have more. I want to liberate myself from being bitter or ungraceful.

I want to be thankful, happy, at peace.

Finding Grace in Every Day #4

Today, I’m thankful for…

  • Soft rain that lulled me to sleep last night
  • That bitter sweet taste of coffee first thing in the morning
  • Weekend road trips
  • Strawberry shortcake with ton of whipped cream
  • Completing a side art project
  • Bedtime stories with kids hunkered down in my bed

What are you grateful for?