Finding Grace in Every Day #8

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Research shows that counting your blessings can be very powerful. Regular expressions of gratitude promote optimism, better health, and greater satisfaction with life.

I’ve began my gratitude posts back in September last year for that very reason. I wanted to find joy in small things, if only for few minutes at the time. I wanted to be more aware, in tune, connected and loved. And I wanted to feel less angry, frustrated and overwhelmed.

While there was no “aha” moment that turned things around for me, I can honestly say that I’m more “half-glass-full” these days. Who knows, maybe these monthly posts helped me realize something. So yeah, I’m going to continue and I dare you to join me on this appreciation experiment.

Finding Grace in Every Day

Today I am thankful for:

  • Belgian chocolate covered vanilla ice cream,
  • being able to laugh it off when the boys manage to pee anywhere but into the toilet, AGAIN,
  • sleeping in during weekdays (goodbye early school drop offs),
  • my 5yo reading a bedtime story for the first time,
  • sipping cocktails in good company
  • late night sushi dates
  • how mature and amazing my 7yo has become,
  • fresh strawberries from the garden
  • our adorable puppy Roxy who we can’t seem to get enough of,
  • long weekends filled with sun, fun and family
  • and THIS…

What are you thankful for?