Happiness Comes When You Free Yourself From Shame

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Happiness comes when you free yourself from shame

Shame is a bitch and for the longest time I refused to admit I had plenty of it within. I covered it up with arrogance, achievement and perfectionism. I kept circling around it, not willing to step in and deal with it. I guess I didn’t know how.

Turns out I could dismantle shame by looking at myself as not a victim but a survivor, by owning my story and bringing it to light, by giving it the attention it craved and needed in order to finally allow me to let go.

As I walked through the swamplands of my soul with self-compassion and self-acceptance, I saw shame for what it was – a bunch of stories created many years ago by many different people, stories I accepted and carried around, stories that had little to do with the real me.

Shame was nothing but a load of paralyzing garbage I identified with for decades!

No more.

Happiness comes when you free yourself from shame (tweet this)

Happiness has always been there, waiting for me to release all the shame and blame, accept the loss, forgive, and realize we are all doing the best we can!