Happy Birthday, Little Man!

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My oldest kid is 7 years old!!! My sweet, smart and (still) innocent firstborn turned 7 last week and I feel bitter sweet about it. Of course I do.

I love watching him grow and learn new ideas, make new friends, discover what was previously unknown to him, find new things he’s passionate about. I love seeing him morph into this smart little man who I still get to tickle and hug and kiss without any resistance. As I watch him and marvel, I know he’ll soon grow more distant. And then I want to stop the clock.

I know how people always say that time flies when you have kids but, seriously, I remember teaching that little fella how to walk as if it were just yesterday. I can’t imagine the next 7 years going by as fast – the idea of my kids ever becoming teenagers and then adults actually freaks me out!

Needless to say, I’m trying to cherish every moment that I can for now and only hope for many more beautiful years to come!

Happy Birthday, little man!

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

And here are few shots from his Angry Birds themed birthday party we threw for him this Saturday!