Meditation: Just Breathe

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Just Breathe

Breathe in the boundless power of the Universe

Breathe out all that is harmful to me


Breathe in fresh air into my lungs

Breathe out stale air now


Breathe in the potential for love

Breathe out fear, pain and anxiety


Breathe in gratitude, peace and joy

Breathe out negativity, stress and tension


Breathe in my child’s laughter

Breathe out his temper tantrums


Breathe in the beauty of my garden after the rain

Breathe out the guilty feeling over taking time for myself


Breathe in running into a friend at the deli counter

Breathe out the frustration over client’s check bouncing


Breathe in clarity and understanding

Breathe out perfection and delusions

Breathe in love

Breathe out fear