Music is Back in Our Home, With a Bang

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I’m a huge fan of music. And not because I play classical guitar (or more truthfully, used to). Music makes me laugh, cry, relax and jump with joy (sometimes all at once).

Music reaches my soul, pulls me up and brings me back down again. It’s my inspiration. It’s magical and powerful. It plays with my emotions and leaves me wanting more.

Music is the perfect drug.

Music is Back in Our Home, With a Bang

This month we’re welcomed music back to our home. With a bang!

I’ve survived years of tip-toeing and please-be-quiet-kids-are-sleeping and have terribly missed listening to music whenever I felt like it.

Sure, there are many available and perfectly capable portable devices equipped with headphones which I would resort to at nap time or evenings. But I’ve missed listening to music during the day, all day, as I go about my daily life.

So as an early Christmas gift for (mostly) myself, I’ve bought a new blu ray player (with wi-fi) and surround bar speakers so that we can properly listen to music in our home.

Did I mention I love Pandora?

PS. Guess how many times I replayed the above piece while writing this post.

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  1. Nice find. Life without music WOULD be sad.