My Little Ninja Turned 4!

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You entered this world with a bang!

We were instantly smitten by your cuteness…

and we have loved you wholeheartedly ever since.

You made our family complete. Your strong lungs helped raise the noise in our home to new levels. Wait, your father looks overwhelmed in this photo, maybe I should remove it from public view. Then again… it was nuts in the beginning.

Who am I kidding? It’s always nuts aroun’ here. As much then…

.. as now.

You take the crown, though. Always having fun. Rain or shine, you’re our happy, full spirited, little goofball!

You are smart and strong; best ninja of them all!

Happy Birthday, Little Ninja!


PS. I tried my hand at being momma ninja… barely succeeding.

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  1. My Little Ninja Turned 4! #Parenting

  2. Happy Belated Birth day baby ninja! Mom ninja you have done something really nice for the little ninja for his birth day! It’s a really nice family to see.