On Independence, Being Aware & Those Fleeting Moments

Christmas Tree Farm, Family & Finally Getting There

My kids have all reached this wonderful age when they’re independent, fun, curious & creative. And did I mention, fun? Yes, family trips have actually become fun & easy now. What a difference from just a couple of years ago when any outing was just so..much..work.

So yes, not having a child attached to my hip 24/7 has been a welcoming change. My renewed freedom (relatively speaking) has given me a chance to observe my kids and the world in a new light.

We went to a newly discovered Christmas tree farm over the weekend and it was a much needed and surprisingly relaxing mini-getaway. It was a beautiful, sunny, all around feel-good kind of a day. As an added bonus, my mom, who just visited from New York, was there too. The kids were laughing and I even remembered to take few photos (though clearly my 7yo was not on board with picture posing).

No work, just fun!

Wagon rides, hot cider (ice-cold lemonade too!), picking that perfect-for-us Christmas tree, petting the farm dog, apple orchard tree climbing, running through tall grass, getting lost.. we did it all.

Their fun was contagious. I joined the kiddos in marveling at a crooked stick instead of just seeing its eye poking potentials. We zig-zagged running between trees and giggled when almost caught and I did not think about them tripping over every tree stump.

I’m not sure when & why the shift occurred but I’m not as anxious & uneasy as I used to be. I’m more aware, in the moment & relaxed and that has given me a new perspective and let me concentrate on the big picture.

So I’m soaking those moments in because I know how fleeting they are. My kids are more independent with every day and it’s all bittersweet. But I’m not missing a beat.

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