Our November: Busy, Crazy and So Much Fun!

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November was a particularly busy month for us. It feels like it rolled right past us actually, especially with the darkness falling earlier and earlier every day.  And my hubby’s long work hours only made days go by faster.

So between school, work, parties and other get-togethers November was pretty crazy. I can barely believe that tomorrow starts the last month of this year. Whew!


Early this month kids had their first taste of snow this season. They used deck stairs as a ramp and had ton of fun. It actually snowed so much and so early that three of our trees were damaged, one beyond repair.

On a more professional front, my first week of November was consumed by a rather large design project which was in its final stages and ready to be rolled out. This was a custom WordPress site design for one of my newest clients, All Roofing Solutions. Jacek, the owner, was a pleasure to work with and I’m very proud of our final result (we’re working on the blog and local marketing next!).

Aside from that, I’ve spent a lot of time offline this month concentrating on having fun with family and some R&R.


Things got slightly hectic around Thanksgiving as we decided to have some friends over, friends we haven’t seen for a long time. I got busy with preparations..

.. resurrected my crafty side..

.. aaaaaand we ALMOST managed to take a family photo! Almost.

Then I slaved over in the kitchen and the results were outstanding (according to guest no less)!

Hubby and I joked that our house had never been so clean. THAT joy lasted for about two hours. Then the party started and all hell broke loose.


Once the clean up and hangovers were a thing of the past, we were ready for some more action. On Saturday we decorated a gingerbread house. That was fun!

There was laughter, many hugs, smiles and kisses going around. In the end we had ton of fun!

How did YOU spend YOUR November?

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  1. Clearly your kids are a joy! Family matters so much this time of the year.