The Child Within Me

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The child within meWalls closing in, I’m suffocating
I watch myself from above, scrambling to my feet
Then again slipping & hitting the ground
Where is your hand?
Where is your promise?
Empty now
The trust is gone, the hope is gone
We both failed
What a shame
Rewriting our story, that was never to be
Dreams that never will
The child within me still yearns for your love
But you’ve left long ago, silently
Shattered & bruised, I wait it out
But the wait is forever
The wound will never heal

3 Responses

  1. I poemed, then forgot about it, then posted it, then forgot again… *sigh* {The child within me}

  2. *tear*
    I can feel so much pain in this, hope you’re alright. xo

  3. I had some rough days this year. Working through it, slowly. Love your personal revelation revolution, btw!