Daily Drawing Practice: June Round Up

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It’s been six months since I started my daily drawing practice and I’m so happy for making that decision. No, I haven’t been “discovered”, yet I found wander, inspiration and zen through daily drawing & doodling. I reconnected with what has been missing in my life – beauty, art, and creativity.

I’ve neglected my practice a bit in the last few months. Life has a thing for getting in a way like that. Silly things like making art tend to get shoved to the back burner often. But, I’m staying committed to making time for creativity. My art journal and pens are always nearby.

The biggest surprise in this whole experiment is that art can be very therapeutic. The flow is like meditation, it calms your mind, shuts up the brain chatter, and just let’s you be – you and your lines, and nothing else. What a beautiful escape from the increasingly busy modern world.

Daily Drawing Practice: June Round Up

Below are my favorites from June.


Do you keep a drawing book, sketchbook or an art journal?

Please share a link to your art – I’m curious about your adventures in art and creativity.