Daily Drawing Practice: March Round Up

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For the past two months, I’ve been keeping a daily drawing book, inspired by my commitment earlier this year to make art every day. The only rule is that I open it every single day and draw — even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

Drawing is not only relaxing and expands my creative boundaries, but it’s also a exercise in mindfulness. It makes me slow down and look, really pay attention at what’s in front of me. Being in the now helps me stay calm, fully present and aware. In a sense, art is therapy. I get immersed in this creative flow and things quiet down, thoughts & problems disappear, and I am one with the process, completely absorbed.

This daily drawing practice gives me a mental break from daily distractions, much as meditation practice would. At the same time, it’s a brilliant creative outlet, and a fun hobby too.

Sometimes I draw from life or create my own subject, oftentimes I simply doodle. The point is to get in the habit of regular drawing, keep track of creative ideas, and just have fun in a creative, relaxing way.

The only materials I use are a small mixed media book, a handful of ink pens (the best thing I purchased this year), and watercolor paints for some touches of color.

Daily Drawing Practice – March Round Up

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Do you keep a drawing book, sketchbook or an art journal?