My Very First Art Studio Is Born

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Inspired by Austin Kleon (read his Steal Like An Artist last night), I setup an analog desk in the loft today. And it feels awesome!

Having my own art studio has always been a dream of mine but up until now I didn’t even have any space dedicated to art & creativity. My office, where I currently do all my freelance work, is surrounded by everything digital: computers, printer, phones, etc. And being plugged into the internet 24-7 doesn’t necessarily induce creative thinking either. That’s why I was immediately drawn in the book to the idea of having a separate workspace for art and just messing around, and I was determined to finally make that happen for me.

So this morning, I decided to setup a desk with some basics like pens and a notebook. First, I dragged a sturdy table we use for birthday parties to the loft and set it up with the essentials. Before I realized though, I began hauling all the art supplies that I gathered over the years upstairs too. Soon I was bringing my pads and journals, pens, markers and paints, all my scrapbooking stuff… (I must have burned 500 calories climbing stairs today), even some inspiration books I got from the library recently.

And that’s how my first ever art studio was born. Just like that. Without a plan or intention really.

My Very First Art Studio Is Born

I have everything I need here. Big desk, all my art supplies, music (hello vinyl and CD collection.. long time), books, a couch!!! I even spread an extra rug under the feet of the desk my guy brought the other day from a friend. We didn’t have a good place for it and were about to donate it away. Then boom, two days later I found a perfect job for it–keeping my footsies warm. Serendipity.

Go After Your Dreams – It’s The Only Way

I still can’t believe this just happened. How did I not see this possibility before? Why didn’t I listen to the voice inside that asked for this for as long as I remember?

Why do we put our dreams on hold? Why do we put ourselves last on our to-do list?

We’re so preoccupied with the everyday, with our jobs, kids, responsibilities. We put our passions and dreams on hold because there’s just so much to do in real life.

But I’m slowly reclaiming who I am, step by step I’m putting myself first too. I’m going after what I’m passionate about, in little increments, whenever I can. Because even if I can work in my studio for half an hour each day, that will make a whole lot of a difference over a lifetime. Wouldn’t you agree?

I am an artist inside. I need to make, discover, express myself creatively. I think we all do. This studio is yet another step towards building the life I want to have. It’s not perfect, but it’s perfect for me right now.

What are you doing to make your dream a reality?

PS. Did I mention I did a celebratory dance? It was rather wild but felt so freaking good. We all need to celebrate ourselves and our victories regularly.

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  1. Veronica

    I’m so glad you did this! About 10 years ago, I took small steps toward creating personal art–first cards, then art journal pages, later some paintings and mixed media pieces.

    When I set up a small studio in my house using things I already owned, it became such a precious space to me. A space for reclaiming my SELF..

    My adventures with art have been so freeing, taught me to take chances, to let go of my over-thinking, over-planning, highly active cognitive side. I’ve made some beautiful things, I’ve made some mediocre things, I’ve thrown some things away. I’m a dabbler more than a master, and I tell myself that’s OK.

    My kids are 19 and 17 now and while I’m still in thick of parenting, the empty nest is coming. I will miss not just presence of my teens but also their friends and all the youthful energy and laughter they bring into my life. BUT, I comfort. myself with thoughts of retreating to my studio and rolling up my sleeves and freely occupying a space I only visit now.

  2. Joanna Ciolek

    Oh, I love your comment, especially what you said about reclaiming the SELF. That’s exactly how I feel about this space that’s truly mine, a space I can retreat to in the busyness of the day and find some solace, in art, in being with my self and by myself. It has become a truly precious space for me, plus my creativity, and productivity, doubled since then.

    I’d love to see your art, Veronica, if you’d like to share it.